Why is a writing program necessary at the university?

Many university students experience difficulties when going from high school to higher education, because they have not developed reading and writing skills appropriate to the types of texts most used at the university level and buy essays online for college.

Students must argue, assume postures and use different types of texts with varied purposes.

Students are required to write texts with which they are not very familiar.

The purpose of this program is to support the development of strategies to produce academic texts with greater precision, clarity, coherence, cohesion and effectiveness.

On the other hand, the program also offers discursive strategies to professors, directors and coordinators so that they can develop autonomy in the production of professional texts that are requested and for which they have not been trained.

Essays written by tutors and teachers participating in workshops of the Center of Excellence for research and dissemination of Reading and Writing (CEDILE).

One of the purposes of the Writing Center of the Pontificia Universidad

Catolica Madre y Maestra is to offer strategies for the writing and feedback of different genres that contribute to achieving greater precision, clarity, cohesion and coherence in the production of these academic texts prepared by the participants. .

Within the framework of the programs carried out by CEDILE, around the written production of the academic texts, we have developed different workshops on the writing process with the tutors that accompany the final works of undergraduate students in different disciplines. Each workshop was developed following the phases of the writing process: planning, writing, review and editing. Likewise, a writing slogan was delivered with the following indications: purpose of the writing, context (what, for what, for whom, how), intentionality (narrate, describe, explain, argue), characteristics of the genre, expositive textual superstructure (canonical / not canonical), among others.

In the same way, through the workshop “The teaching of written production” given to professors of the General Studies Department, they were asked to write an argumentative essay with the theme Who should teach to write academic texts to students of General Studies? As in the previous case, they were given a slogan for the preparation of their writings with indicators such as: purpose of the writing, context (what, for what, for whom, how), intentionality (narrate, describe, argue), characteristics of the genre, expositive / argumentative textual superstructure (canonical / non-canonical), among others.

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